The Collected Works of Nick Edinger


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WebsiteWhat’s insideDetails
Literary MamaA poem I wrote titled Breathe.A mother rescues her daughter’s watch from the bottom of a lake. Not recommended for mobile devices. Read the poem here.
VIBE MagazineA poem I wrote, available both online and in print, titled Look, I Can Explain.A dive into music, identity, philosophy, and Midwestern goodbyes. Order the issue here.
The Devil You Know:
Anti-Hero Anthology
My short story: I Am A Mountain (y estoy hundiendome)A supervillain’s henchman confronts his greatest fear: healthcare! Read an excerpt.
GoGoGo ComicA link to GoGoGo Comic (formerly Everyst), a Twitter-based story project.I wrote “FTL: Flying Through Lifetimes,” a spacefaring cross between Groundhog Day and Quantum Leap. And FTL, obviously. Read the trailer.
The Borgen ProjectThe articles I wrote about the fight to end global poverty.The Borgen Project lobbies for the United States to, in the tradition of the Marshall Plan, support the development and welfare of the world’s poor. Learn more about the Borgen Project.
Poetry NookA poem about a poet who won’t die nor quit.I write poems as gifts for friends and family. You can also read poems about an astronaut in orbit and a scavenging adventure I had one summer.
My Trending StoriesMy work for a content aggregator.A best-of compilation for my old blog posts.
Word Salad SpinnerThe blog I operated from embarrassing omg don’t read lol

Praise for Nick Edinger…

from the people who rejected his stuff

I had a good time reading it. I like the way you actively looked for ways to include imagery from the game, and had characters reference units during battle. The characters… were still very engaging…

― Hengtee Lim, writer and editor, for my first pitch to Everyst

…your work did reach the final round.

― The Editors at great weather for MEDIA, twice

I thought that your story was memorable; the idea was incredibly surreal and surprising, and your characterization, well done.

Lee Mackenzie, editor at Neon

… I enjoyed reading your piece… We really liked the structure of this piece, and it’s definitely a different take on the fisherman tale.

Kay Allen, founding editor of Sword & Kettle Press

I thought that the story had an underlying premise that was surreal and dark. The reveal at the end worked well.

Lee, editor at Neon Books

We enjoyed reading your work quite a bit… We did admire this submission, and are certainly open to seeing more in the future.

― Gabriel Dozal, assistant poetry editor at DIAGRAM, for a poem that was “rejected but with some love”

This was our fav of the bunch; sorry to pass on work that interested us.

Ander Monson, editor at DIAGRAM

We really enjoyed your story… We did find much to admire in your work…

Tommy Dean, editor at Uncharted Magazine

… yours was one of many high-quality submissions we received…

Lauren Slawson, Associate Editor at Electric Spec

While we truly enjoyed reading it (it’s a strong piece really speaks well to the oral history format)…

Cormack Baldwin, editor at Archive of the Odd

This is a really interesting idea, and the form of the poem fits its subject.

Jeff Georgeson, Managing Editor at Penumbric Speculative Fiction Magazine