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My second published poem

… is available to read online! It’s called “Breathe,” and you can find it here. I could tell you what the poem’s about, but this quote from my acceptance email works as its own best advertisement: Although we publish very few poems by men, we liked this one quite a bit, and would be happyContinue reading “My second published poem”

My first published poem

… is coming to a magazine! You can preorder the issue now. See how many high-minded ideas I can cram into a 300-word Midwestern goodbye with my poem, “Look, I Can Explain.” VIBE Magazine (the acronym stands for ‘Violet Indigo Blue Etc.”) aims to break down preconceived notions about art and genre, which aligns theContinue reading “My first published poem”

Before and after

LIVE REACTION- I weigh 200 pounds for the first time since high school

I filmed myself as I hit my target weight goal, after a journey spanning several years.

Classical Kazoo

Candidates Going Their Own Way (POTUSGTOW)

Onstage: CALLER on oneside, CITIZEN on the other.CALLER calls CITIZEN via cellphone. CITIZEN answers.   CITIZEN Yes? CALLER Hi! I’m a volunteer for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. Is this Sophie? CITIZEN Yes… CALLER Hi Sophie! Joe Biden provides sensible policies with a return to decency and sanity. Do you plan to vote for Biden, Harris,Continue reading “Candidates Going Their Own Way (POTUSGTOW)”


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