My first published poem

… is coming to a magazine! You can preorder the issue now. See how many high-minded ideas I can cram into a 300-word Midwestern goodbye with my poem, “Look, I Can Explain.”

The triumph of weeds in between the cracks of concrete.

VIBE Magazine (the acronym stands for ‘Violet Indigo Blue Etc.”) aims to break down preconceived notions about art and genre, which aligns the group with my own interests. They only began operation in 2021, which is why most online searches of “vibe magazine” will take you to a hip-hop site first. To make it easier for you, here’s the home page for the cooler VIBE.

People in the publishing industry already know how important preorders are for both publishers and authors. All the benefits of preorders (signaling longterm interest, ensuring the correct amount of stock on launch day, etc.) apply tenfold to an independent newcomer like VIBE. Their Spring 2022 issue will be their first printed in the real world. A preorder from you and your friends will assure them that there’s good reason to grow their convention-defying project. You’ll also signal, to other professionals in the industry, that this Nick Edinger fella moves a lot of copies, we gotta get him in our rag too, see.

All of which is to say, OK, fine, I can’t resist, you can read my poem right away if you want. In the same way that I can show up at your birthday party, eat half the cake, interact with no one, and then leave. And let me tell you, if you pulled that stunt on me, I’d be like “Wow, he must really love that cake I made! A true connoisseur of the arts right there.”

I’ll talk about my favorite poems from the Spring 2022 edition around the time of its official release.

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