My third published poem (+ bonus dog video)

New poem out! It’ll debut in White Stag Publishing’s SPIRIT Anthology, you can preorder here. It’s called “Walk the Breach.” Not only is it my first love poem in a book, it’s also my only poem to use undefined neologisms. If you like Lewis Carroll and Rumi, you’re certain to love my serpentine, heartfelt fusion.Continue reading “My third published poem (+ bonus dog video)”

My first published poem

… is coming to a magazine! You can preorder the issue now. See how many high-minded ideas I can cram into a 300-word Midwestern goodbye with my poem, “Look, I Can Explain.” VIBE Magazine (the acronym stands for ‘Violet Indigo Blue Etc.”) aims to break down preconceived notions about art and genre, which aligns theContinue reading “My first published poem”